About Us


We are a family who established their business to offer high quality, good price and care to our clients. For that we choose the best products with competitive prices to facilitate your life and encourage you to exercise because we care about your health. Instead of wasting your time by shopping in the market we put our high-end products in your hands. Our Mission is your satisfaction at 100%.  


It starts with an idea to make clothes that will be both practical and fashionable to offer them at low prices because we all know that quality products are extremely expensive. We decided to rebel and create an online store that will appeal to all customers from the smallest to the largest. We created Gabella brand. This name means trust, beauty and honesty. The brand was founded in 2019 by its founder Tony Joseph, who was looking for a way to comfort our lives by shopping without wasting our times in the market and its expensive prices. Also to encourage them to exercise to build healthy body. So our team have been able to put forward quality products at very competitive prices which have been very successful.

Located in Québec, Canada, the corporate headquarter is the birthplace of all of Gabella's collections designs. Whether the Smartwatch or refined Golf Equipment which is inspired by nature to keep you in shape. Beside the innovative and artistically inspired sports equipment. We continue to evolve with our smart choices.

The products are available online, through https://Gabella.ca/, which reflects classic, young, cool, and chic spirit, as well as its modern, refined and trendy aesthetic.


A man passionate about fashion, aesthetics and a keen business sense, Tony Joseph made his debut in the world of fashion from a young age. His father was a great and popular tailor / stylist. This path lead him to his destiny, he develops his talent by making stylish and fashionable clothes before founding an online clothing company, because he believes that the world has the right to shop in a comfort way from their home without being burdened by all kinds of external factors, expensive prices and without the stress of shopping.

In 2019, armed with his solid experience in Business management, customer service and his taste for fashion pushed him to start his own business, he launched GABELLA.

His passion for art and beauty of fashion, combined with his meticulous eye and his attention paid to each model and to each detail, gave birth to collections of choices which will surprise you in terms of value for your money and which remains accessible to all budget.


PASSION is a feeling shared by all the people who work directly or indirectly with us. We are constantly striving to improve ourselves and surpass all the challenges that surround us in order to improve our manufacturing and delivery processes. This is why we believe that our customers have the right to shop with peace of mind without stressing. This is why we strive to make free shipments to our valued customers within a reasonable time.

EXCELLENCE is about applying world class standards and paying close attention to every detail from product design to consumer experience, every single element is crucial.

INNOVATION is essential in our constant quest to improve our performance, our products and our experience. Always respecting the past, but opening a creative path to the future.

These values ​​fuel our present and future success. They define us today and will guide us tomorrow.

Because little miracles don't happen on their own

Opération Enfant Soleil is a non-profit organization that raises funds to develop high-quality paediatrics for all the children in Quebec. We're Thrilled to support Opération Enfant soleil and Shriners Hospitals For Children.

Let's support together the cause that will help us bring sick children back to exercise and get back in shape. We give a portion of profits for the fondation Opération enfant Soleil and Shriners Hospitals For Children in USA and Canada.